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• Security fix for CVE-2019-3568.
• New features on WhatsApp Web. You can now view label indicators and filter by labels using the chat list filtering icon when using WhatsApp Web. Filtering by unread messages, groups, and broadcast lists isn't supported on WhatsApp Web.
• Share short links (wa.me/your_number). Create and share short links that make it easy for customers to start a chat with you.


फ़ाइल का नाम: com.whatsapp.w4b.2.19.108.apk

आधुनिक बनायें: 2019-10-22

संस्करण: 2.19.108

फाइल का आकार: 25.4MB (26650937 bytes)

आवश्यक है: Android4.0.3 या बाद में

MD5: 4b2f7d22f5c5ef8fac9a06b57be0c137

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