Mudras [YOGA 2018]

Mudras [YOGA 2018]

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Mudras [YOGA 2018] is now available for free
- In Daily yoga mudras, We provide six categories of mudra’s like Hand Mudras, Health Mudras, Head Mudras, Kaya Mudras, Bandha Mudras & Bharatanatyam Mudras.
- Variety of Mudras will helps fitness, skin and hair loss and other problems in our daily life.
- Mudras are very simple enough so that you can even do them with your hands in your busy schedule.
Use Of Mudras :
Mudras involves the entire body and looks as a closed electrical circuits which can pass energy throughout body. The physical body is made up of five elements. The Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring and Little finger represents Fire, Air, Sky, Earth and Water respectively. Imbalance of these five elements interrupts the immunity system and causes diseases.
Mudras Can Help:
• Mudras are used extensively in Yoga, Meditation and Dance.
• Mudras are substitute to the Medicines.
If you want to stay healthy by physically, mentally and spiritually it is recommended to practice the Mudras Yoga daily.
It does not need any money or special ability to be performed but it just needs some patience.

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- Now you can able to see all the mudras in single page by clicking next/previous buttons
- Performance Improvements

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