SnoreClock - Do you snore?

SnoreClock - Do you snore?

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9Apps services for free Android apps. 20,000+ users downloaded SnoreClock - Do you snore? latest version on 9Apps for free every week! It's not only an app it also teaches you how to use it. This hot app was released on 2017-12-06. You can enjoy the most completed function of this app.
Do you snore?
With SnoreClock you can easily check if you snore. Put your smart phone beside your bed and press the red button in SnoreClock. The next morning you will know more!
SnoreClock records all noise during sleep and shows red bars where you most likely to snore.
Because SnoreClock takes a record of the whole night you could get even more out of it.
- if you snore
- if your partner snores
- if you talk in the sleep
- if something disturbs your sleep
and much more.
To check all noises turn your phone to switch to landscape mode. Pinch to zoom and drag to move!
SnoreClock was app of the month in the german edition of the MIT Technology Review magazine!
1.) Records all the noise while you are sleeping
2.) Outstanding snore detection technology
3.) Shows red bars where you most likely snore
4.) Check the effectiveness of snoring remedies
5.) Measure the volume of the entire recording and shows it on the chart
6.) Recording time up to 11 hours
7.) Share audio files
8.) Use gestures in the graph to zoom or to move
9.) Runs in background mode
To check all the noises rotate your phone to landscape mode. Pinch to zoom and drag to move!
Features of Plus Version:
1.) No ads
2.) Record to SD Card
3.) Play sound or vibrate when snoring is detected
How to use SnoreClock - Quick Start
1.) Put the smartphone near the bed
2.) Plug in the phone if you need a charged battery in the morning
3.) Press the red button to start recording
4.) The next morning press the red button to stop recording.
5.) Use the landscape mode to analyze the data. You can listen to any position in the record. Pinch to zoom and drag to move.
If you need help please select the help menu in SnoreClock.
There you can access the docs or contact the support.
SnoreClock is not a medical device.
What users say;
*****Incredible App!
After using this for just 1 night, now I know why I'm always tired! Awesome execution and interface. I LOVE how we can zoom into and move throughout the graph. This is the most valuable app ever; seriously! I've tried 3 other apps but yours beats them all... easily! Thank you!
This app just opened my eyes! Not only it records my snores but even the sounds and voices of the spirits beyond. A must have app!
*****Great app!
Clear data on snoring with playback and analysis. No more guessing if you are improving or getting worse. Am now trying various methods to get better quieter sleep.
Never rated an app before, this definitely deserves it though. So easy to use, clear and doesn't use up battery life.
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