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• Hold the 'Send' button to schedule messages in any chat and reminders in 'Saved Messages'.
• Customize your app's appearance by choosing accent colors for the 'Mono' and 'Dark' themes.
• Create new themes based on your color and wallpaper choices.
• Share your themes via links and update them for all users when you change something.
• Choose who can find you on Telegram by your phone number.
• Send a single , , , , or to get more animated emoji.


फ़ाइल का नाम: org.telegram.messenger.5.11.0.apk

आधुनिक बनायें: 2019-09-10

संस्करण: 5.11.0

फाइल का आकार: 17.5MB (18321540 bytes)

आवश्यक है: Android6.0 या बाद में

MD5: 453ebbe9111e2112b10f24292c9f350a

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