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  • #1.फोटोस छुपाएं, वीडियोस छुपाएँ - I think the new update has taken away some of the emergency features it initially provided. The older version used to get terminated when phone was locked while the app remained open; hence, on unlocking no one could see my vault. This doesn't happen now. Also, if I went to the home screen directly (without formally pressing the back button to get to the home screen) and then again click on the audio manager icon, my vault would open without asking for password (which didn't use to happen earlier).
  • #2.Security Master-एंटीवायरस, बूस्टर, वीपीएन ,ऐप्लॉक - I was a bit disappointed during last years AV Test ratings (Sep 2015) only because of this I moved to Avira but now the best app is back in business I am glad to have this again. Woking flawlessly on galaxy s3 running cm 13. Thank you CM
  • #3.Cooking Fever - As a paying customer who enjoys the game...when will new levels/restaurants be released?...its not really fun doing the same levels (I've completed all the restaurants) repetitiously and its mundane. I do however enjoy the new challenge levels but you spend more gems than you win and thats a turn off.
  • #4.Score! Hero - The game fantastic! It gives you more challenges as you develope your skills, made you to improve your abilities all time.
  • #5.Ladooo - Free recharge - Waste of time, it will block the user for install the apps which ever the user wishes from out side source. No referral reward will get credited. No rewards for most of the apps installed. Many more issues. Support team are sleeping, instead of giving explanation to the mails sent for not getting credits. And the will only be active while we ask explanations about getting blocked. Better try other such free recharge apps instead of this.
  • #6.Fruit Bump - Match 3 game just as addictive but very child like I want whizz, pop, bangs, more grown up sounds and graphics x
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