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  • #1.Doctor Driving - Good features, good graphics, and its easier 2 earn rewards and money!!! However, for an improvement you can make an update for this game and it will be to play online multiplayer and have races n challenges!!! Yeah?
  • #2.InstaBeauty - Selfie कैमरा - I loved this app so much...it is perfect but a single problem that I faced is,, it closed oftentimes when I uses it...but overall I rated it 5 stars...Superb
  • #3.Ant Smasher by Best Cool & Fun Games - It is soooo boring. I downloaded it beacause it didn't need Internet access but it was such a waste of time!
  • #4.Glow Hockey - It's a cool game but there is some thing called restart button and this game dose not have that so i have to close the game and start it again
  • #5.Flipkart Online Shopping App - There are lot of bugs In the new update and I cannot cancel my order. If the order comes to my home, then please don't blame me for returning it...
  • #6.Real Racing 3 - The best thing out there now, if you want anything close to simulation handling. The physics is still kinda buggy (how does a car not roll under any circumstances?!), and its still in need of a manual transmission. I can't keep going up Mount Panoranma at 4th gear any longer. It just needs to be an option, that's all.
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