• #1.UC Browser - Fast Download - used to be the best browser, last 2 updates screwed it up. pages won't load, error messages, bad network messages, downloads freezes up, downloads stop, downloads won't resume, a lot slower than before, etc. also why does it have India stuff on the homepage, I live in Canada. Keep getting bad network message mean while I have a Excellent WiFi connection, UC Browser is just making excuses. Sometimes browser becomes unresponsive on Google search. It just crashed 5 times in a row and It won't resume the videos I was downloading, complete waste of time!!! I have a excellent WiFi connection and UC browser can't even load Google or Yahoo today, buggy garbage!!! script, flash, and loading pages, images, problem. UC BROWSER JUST LOST ANOTHER DOWNLOAD ON ME. I HAVE A EXCELLENT WIFI CONNECTION AND IT SAYS NOT CONNECTED WHAT A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!!! FIX YOUR BUGGY CRAP!!! CAN'T EVEN LOAD FACEBOOK PROPERLY ANYMORE!!! IT'S GOTTEN EVEN WORSE NOW EVERY TIME I GO TO OPEN UC BROWSER I GET A STUPID POP UP ADD. FOR VIDEO GAMES AND IT DOWNLOADED 30 GAME VIDEO'S TO MY TABLET, IT JUST CONTINUES TO GET WORSE AND WORSE. USED TO BE THE BEST, NOW VERY FAR FROM IT!!! UC BROWSER FACEBOOK IS TOTALLY USELESS!!!
  • #2.UC Browser - Fast Download - This is the best app i've download so far, however, i noticed that recently, the download option for the videos are missing --- addendum: found it!
  • #3.UC Browser - Fast Download - " browser closes unexpectedly , restore tab " please fix , when i'm open FB in UC also crash to . Android lollipop 5.1.1 ,
  • #4.UC Browser - Fast Download - @uc, something about ads, some ads still pops up in front, instead make it pop in background... Or give an option for ads to pop up in background... It gets really messy sometimes
  • #5.UC Browser - Fast Download - Annoyed by the ads... Please fix it. I get redirect to a page which tells me to update my browser but my browser is upto date. Rest everything is good!
  • #6.UC Browser - Fast Download - Being a browser it shouldn't hang, but every time it's keep hanging , and sometimes when I reopen the browser it's gets struck at "loading please wait" with a bouncing ball..
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